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Getting around in the White Plains, Scarsdale and Hartsdale and surrounding areas can be difficult for those that require special accommodations and accessible transport. Westchester Black Car Limousine Service takes the stress out of getting to your appointments, business or leisure activities for those with limited mobility and special needs.

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Our Private Access Transport: Providing Personalized and Direct Service for Passengers with Disabilities

Navigating public transit systems can be daunting for anyone, especially for individuals with disabilities who require additional assistance and accommodations. Fortunately, our private access transport service offers a more direct and personalized approach to transportation, specifically tailored to meet the needs of passengers with disabilities.

Dedicated Vehicles and Drivers

Our private access transport service boasts dedicated vehicles and drivers specifically trained to assist passengers with disabilities. This means that passengers can avoid the hassle and uncertainty of navigating public transit systems, which may not always be equipped to meet their needs. Our drivers are committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and stress-free journey for all passengers.

Flexibility and Personalization

With our dedicated service, passengers can travel at their own pace and on their own timelines without the constraints of fixed transit routes and schedules. We understand that passengers with mobility issues may require additional time or assistance to board and exit vehicles, and we work hard to provide the same benefits to them as we do to all of our passengers. Our service is designed to be flexible and personalized to meet the unique needs of each individual passenger.

Efficiency and Convenience

Accessing public transit can be time-consuming, particularly for passengers with disabilities. Public transit vehicles make multiple stops along a fixed route to pick up and drop off other passengers, which can be inconvenient for individuals looking to get from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time possible. With our private access transport service, passengers can enjoy a more direct and efficient journey, without the hassle of waiting for other passengers or dealing with the noise and distractions of public transit.

Quiet and Private Journey

Passengers on our private access transport service can enjoy a quiet and private journey, free from the noise and distractions of public transportation. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who require a more peaceful environment due to their disabilities.

Specially Equipped Vehicles

Our private access transport vehicles are specially equipped with features to handle disability equipment, such as wheelchairs and mobility scooters. This ensures that passengers with mobility issues can confidently utilize our service without worrying about the accessibility of our vehicles.

Assisting Passengers with Wheelchairs During Transport

At Westchester Black Car Limousine Service, we understand the importance of providing top-notch transportation services to passengers with disabilities, particularly those who require the use of a wheelchair. Our skilled drivers are equipped with a trusted procedure to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for all our passengers.

Onboarding Assistance

Upon arrival, our drivers will deploy a ramp or lift to enable the passenger to board the vehicle if required. Alternatively, our team will assist the passenger in boarding the vehicle, remove their wheelchair, and securely store it away. This procedure is executed with the utmost care and precision to ensure the passenger's safety and comfort.

Journey Monitoring and Adjustments

Throughout the journey, our drivers will monitor the passenger and their wheelchair, making necessary adjustments to ensure the passenger's comfort. This may include temperature or airflow adjustments or modifications to the passenger or wheelchair's positioning. Our drivers are trained to handle any situation that may arise during transport, and they remain vigilant and prepared to assist the passenger with any issues.

Offboarding Assistance

Once the journey is complete, our drivers will assist the passenger in exiting the vehicle. They will once again expertly manage the wheelchair for a safe and comfortable exit. Our drivers will help the passenger back into their wheelchair and ensure they are comfortably situated before departing.

Specially designed vehicles and specially trained staff

Westchester Black Car Limousine Service offers specially designed wheelchair accessible mobility vehicles that allow you to travel locally with security and comfort.

State-of-the-art wheelchair accessible transport

Westchester Black Car Limousine Service’s special access vehicles are regularly inspected and well maintained to ensure the safety and dignity of White Plains, Scarsdale and Hartsdale and surrounding areas residents with special needs and are fully equipped with features that include:

  • - Built-in power ramp with a short or long form option
  • - Anti-slip surface
  • - High quality interior seating
  • - Equipment that conforms to White Plains, Scarsdale and Hartsdale and surrounding areas motor vehicle safety standards
  • - Adjustable ramp slope suitable for wheelchair or scooter entry and exit
  • - Extra wide access door that allows for easy entry and exit
  • - Entry and exit assistance

Westchester Black Car Limousine Service provides reliable special access transportation services at reasonable rates to most destinations in the White Plains, Scarsdale and Hartsdale and surrounding areas. We ensure that you, your loved ones, patients or clients can travel in safety with our fully equipped vehicles that accommodate individuals or groups with specialized needs.

For more information and to arrange for transport services in and around White Plains, Scarsdale and Hartsdale and surrounding areas, call (914) 997-2400.

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